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JKM > Volume 44(1); 2023 > Article
Park, Jea, Min, Hong, and Lee: Three Cases of Pulsatile Tinnitus Improved by Acupotomy with Acupuncture



The purpose of this study is to report the three cases of pulsatile tinnitus without any cause improved by acupotomy and acupuncture.


Three patients diagnosed with pulsatile tinnitus with no abnormalities detected on examination were treated with acupotomy and acupuncture. The improvement of symptoms was evaluated by visual analogue scale(VAS).


The visual analogue scale has decreased from 7 to 0, from 5 to 1, and from 6 to 0, respectively.


Acupotomy had shown a positive clinical effect in the treatment of the pulsatile tinnitus without any cause in this case reports.

Fig. 1
Visual analogue scale
Fig. 2
Improvement of tinnitus after treatment
Table 1
VAS* changes during treatment
Date (Times of treatment )
Case 1 2022/1/11 (1)
2022/1/23 (4)
Case 2 2022/1/20 (1)
2022/2/10 (8)
2022/3/3 (15)
2022/3/24 (22)
2022/4/29 (36)
2022/5/27 (48)
2022/6/24 (59)
Case 3 2022/1/18 (1)
2022/1/25 (2)
2022/2/11 (5)
2022/2/15 (6)
2022/3/22 (15)
2022/4/19 (19)
2022/5/10 (22)
2022/6/3 (23)

VAS, Visual analogue scale


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