Two Case Report of Obesity with atopic dermatitis Treated with Hwangryunhaedoktang-gamibang

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J Korean Med. 2018;39(3):81-88
Publication date (electronic) : 2018 September 30
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1Dept. of Clinical Korean Medicine Graduate School, Kyung-Hee University
2Dept. of Gynecology, College of Korean Medicine, Kyung-Hee University
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Received 2018 August 23; Revised 2018 September 10; Accepted 2018 September 10.



This study was performed1 to assess the effectiveness of HwangryunHaedokTang-gamibang on Obesity with atopic dermatitis.


Patients were treated by HwangryunHaedokTang-gamibang. To measure treatment outcomes, BMI, weight, Fat mass, Fat %, VAS scale, SCORAD index were used.


After treatment, BMI, weight, Fat mass, Fat% were significantly decreased. Atopic dermatitis VAS and SCORAD index were also decreased at all cases.


HwangryunHaedokTang-gamibang may be effective in the treatment of Obesity with atopic dermatitis patients.

Composition of HwangryunHaedokTang-gamibang I and II

The Progress of Treatment(Case 1)

The Progress of Treatment(Case 2)


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Table 1

Composition of HwangryunHaedokTang-gamibang I and II

Prescription 黃連解毒湯加味方I 黃連解毒湯加味方II
Composition 薏苡仁 12g
黃連 黃芩 黃柏 梔子 各 5g 黃連 黃芩 黃柏 梔子 各 5g
葛根 白芍藥 升麻 甘草 玄 葛根 白芍藥 升麻 甘草 玄
蔘 荊芥 防風 蟬退 各 蔘 荊芥 防風 蟬退 各
2.625g 2.625g

Table 2

The Progress of Treatment(Case 1)

Visit Progress Prescription
Body Weight (kg) BMI (kg/m2) FAT percent FAT mass (kg) VAS of Pruritus SCORAD index
1st visit
62.3 24.0 30.4% 18.9 VAS 8 47.3 黃連解毒湯加味方I
2nd visit
60.0 23.1 28.3% 17.0 VAS 5 24.3 黃連解毒湯加味方I
3rd visit
57.2 22.1 27.1% 15.5 VAS 3 7.6 黃連解毒湯加味方I
4th visit
57.5 22.2 27.2 % 15.6 - 3.7 黃連解毒湯加味方II

Table 3

The Progress of Treatment(Case 2)

Visit Progress Prescription
Body Weight (kg) BMI (kg/m2) FAT% FAT mass (kg) VAS of Pruritus (Face/finger) SCORAD index
1st visit
67.9 24.6 33.0% 22.4 VAS 10/VAS 10 87.7 黃連解毒湯加味方I
2nd visit
65.0 23.6 32.6% 21.2 VAS 7/VAS 6 70.3 黃連解毒湯加味方I
3rd visit
64.1 23.3 30.7% 19.7 VAS 5/VAS 3 47 黃連解毒湯加味方II