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JKM > Volume 42(3); 2021 > Article
Lee, Chu, Kang, Moon, Kim, Park, Chae, Jung, Kim, and Ryu: Effects of Korean Medicine Treatment focusing on Acupotomy of headache: A Case Report of Four Patients



The aim of this study was to report the effect of acupotomy for patients with headache.


Four patients with headache were treated with acupotomy. The improvement of symptoms was evaluated by numeric rating scale(NRS), Headache impact test-6(HIT-6) and headache attack frequency.


The numeric rating scale score and headache attack frequency decreased throughout the treatment period. No side effects were observed during treatment.


Acupotomy had shown a positive clinical effect in the treatment of a headache in this case series. Further studies are required for its application on various headache.

Fig. 1
Change of Numerical Rating Scale(NRS)


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