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JKM > Volume 41(3); 2020 > Article
Lee, Park, Hong, Park, and Jo: A Case Report of Hot Flush-Type Rosacea Improved by Baekho-tang



This study aims to report a case of hot flush-type rosacea improved by oral administration of Baekho-tang.


The patient visited our clinic due to hot flash symptom on April 16, 2020. Based on the symptoms of hating heat, bloating, sweating, and thirst, traditional medicine Baekho-tang was prescribed.


After 5 days of taking Baekho-tang, the symptom score of hot flush improved significantly from 8 to 3. About a week later, most of the symptoms, including hot flush, edema, and burning sensation almost disappeared. After treatment, the follow-up process was conducted for about a month, and it was confirmed that the flushing of the face did not recur and remained improved.


After a week of Baekho-tang administration, hot flush, burning sensation, edema and other symptoms associated with rosacea improved overall.

Fig. 1
Treatment Timeline
Fig. 2
Clinical Progress of Rosacea
Table 1
Prescription of Baekho-tang
Name of natural medicine (herbal medicine) Weight(g)
Gypsum Fibrosum 16
Anemarrhena asphodeloides Bunge 12.5
Oryza sativa 6
Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch 2

Total Amount 36.5
Table 2
Rosacea Symptom Evaluation Index
Flushing Edema Burning Sensation
Symptom severity None(0) None(0) None(0)
Mild(1) Mild(1) Mild(1)
Moderate(2) Moderate(2) Moderate(2)
Severe(3) Severe(3) Severe(3)
Table 3
Clinical Symptoms Evaluation Progress of Rosacea
2020.04.16 2020.04.21 2020.04.23
Flushing 3 1 0
Edema 2 1 0
Burning Sensation 3 1 0

Total 8 3 0


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